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We are two of the leading hypnotists in the world and have helped thousands of people just like you.

Joe Homs

Joe Homs

Joe Homs, C.Ht., is an internationally recognized expert hypnotist specializing in helping people quit smoking in one hour and lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Joe has helped thousands of people just like you get more of what they are seeking in life. Joe is a regular choice for other hypnotists to come when they need work done on themselves. If they trust him with themselves and their loved ones, you can too.

Luke Brady

Luke Brady

After years of experience helping clients in Arizona, Luke has expanded the focus of his therapeutic work from breaking habits, fears and phobias to now include sports performance, healthier eating, as well as creating the sense of focus you need to go beyond obstacles that may be in your way.

Now as an accomplished Mentalist, Luke is aware of the tricks that the mind can plays on itself and how he can assist you in defeating them. Luke’s skills in hypnosis, NLP, and psychology is a combination that can guide you past these roadblocks to live the life you’ve dreamed of and conquer the things you’ve wanted to do!


Just wanted to update my review since I have been on my flight. I completed 2 10 hour flights without the usual panic I had been having before when I got on a flight. I would recommend this treatment to anyone that needs to get over the fear of flying.

Heather N.

I literally walked into Joe's office a smoker and left a non smoker.
After smoking a pack a day for 30 years I was unsure hypnosis would work, but it did.
I have not had a cigarette in almost two months.
Joe is amazing and I highly recommend him.

Steven C.

In all seriousness, if you are dealing with a habit that you can't seem to get rid of, or if you have some sort of blockage with something (like me), Joe can help you - and often in just one session (as in my case). I had a huge wall up with learning Spanish. I just couldn't seem to get over that hump of fluency. It's been about a week and a half since my session and everyone (especially myself) has noticed a HUGE change in my speaking ability. It turns out I know WAY more than I thought I did, but I was so afraid that I was going to say something wrong that I didn't say anything at all. I've been completely fearless this last week and a half and I've broken through that wall that I had up. I can't explain how it works, I just know that it does.

Jeff F.

I saw Joe back in 2012 and another session in 2013. He fixed my problem in one session. I was suffering from anxiety attacks and from one moment to another I went from being my normal self to being afraid to do anything. I found him online and went for my first session. Right away Joe makes you feel at home. I didn't know what to expect, right after the session was over I felt a little odd. A good type of odd. Is as if my body was searching for something to worry about or to do a ritual I had been doing do to my stress but my mind was telling me it's ok and that I didn't have to do it. The days went by and it seemed as anxiety and the attacks had vanished and it was a part of my past.

Joe helped me overcome the big bump that I couldn't get over since I had already been seeing a therapist and it helped me a great lot but for some reason I couldn't get the attacks or fears away even thought I was trying super hard.

I can't thank Joe enough. I recently started suffering from another issue and contacted Joe but he said his schedule was very busy since he is working on other projects. I hope in the future he becomes available again.

S. T.


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