Manage Stress

Want to know the secret to feeling calm fast?

It all starts with using your mind, before you lose your mind

Stressed to the breaking point? Paralyzed with indecision? Unmotivated or stuck in a rut? Do you toss and turn at night, constantly worrying about the next day while sleep eludes you? Do you suffer with headaches or stomachaches while the stress knots up your insides.

Do you always feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? Have you regretted losing your temper? Are you exhausted and worn out from the constant strain?

Everybody has stress sometimes; however if you’re suffering from chronic stress, you’re not only lowering your quality and enjoyment of life, but you’re also risking serious health issues. Did you realize that 75% of all doctor visits are stress related? Half of all deaths for people under 65 are stress related. Stress weakens your immune system, leaving your body more vulnerable to everything from the common cold to cancer.

You CAN get a handle on stress, and hypnosis can help!

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What’s the alternative?

Drugs, drugs, and more drugs… Antidepressants have become the most commonly prescribed medication in the US, and their use has DOUBLED from 1996 to 2005. Add in all the anti-anxiety medications, and the number of people taking mood altering drugs becomes staggering.

But drugs don’t address the underlying problem, they only offer temporary relief of the symptoms. They leave you feeling fuzzy and your head muddled. They each have a list of possible side effects (which could require more drugs to counteract). And do you really want to take drugs for the rest of your life just to be able to handle your life? Even paying only a co-pay, month after month that really adds up.

Hypnosis is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Your experience of stress is always subjective. It’s not based on the event itself, but on your own internal perception of the event. Have you ever noticed how much worrying is about what might happen and not what actually is happening? Or how often you can feel stressed about something that’s already passed just by dwelling on the memory in your mind? All stress is produced by the mind. Change your mind, and change your stress.

Learn hypnosis techniques that will help you:

  • Let go of past stress
  • Envision a positive future
  • Turn down the “volume” of negative thoughts
  • Create an inner feeling of calm anytime you want
  • Relax and sleep restfully
  • Block out the negativity of others
  • Regain perspective and balance

You too can join the THOUSANDS of successful clients who’ve changed their lives with hypnosis. Read just some of our success stories from clients who used hypnosis to improve the quality of their lives. You’ve waited long enough… make the call now. It’s time you enjoyed the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

No other hypnosis office in the Orange County area has as much experience. Our office does one thing and one thing only: HYPNOSIS!

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