Quit Smoking

Finally, a quick, easy, and effective way to quit smoking and become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Sick of the smell, the cost, the hassle?


Are you out of breath at the top of the stairs and feeling older than you should? Tired of being the social outcast, forced to leave the restaurant so you can grab a smoke outside in the parking lot and get glares from strangers?


Hate having to make a special run to the store for more cigarettes?


Have your kids given you the sad, pleading eyes and begged you to quit? Has your doctor given you that disapproving frown and reminded you how bad smoking is for your health? Has it gotten too expensive? Are you simply tired of being controlled by your smoking habit?


Most clients come to Orange County Hypnosis


as a last ditch attempt to quit smoking. We’re their last hope, because nothing else worked! After they’ve quit, they all say: “I wish I’d come here first!” (If they had, they would have saved all that money they spent on other methods).


You too can join the THOUSANDS of successful clients who’ve quit smoking with hypnosis. Just watch some of our success stories from clients who quit for life.


Even if you’ve tried patches, gums, cold turkey, willpower, or hypnosis somewhere else…and nothing has worked.


In our office, we have the GUARANTEE


Thousands have successfully quit smoking with us. The method we use gets results, and we are the ONLY office in the Orange County area using this method.  We stand behind it so much, that we guarantee your results for life.  If you ever started smoking again, we guarantee we’ll work with you again for free.  So you can rest assured knowing you’ll quit smoking for good and never worry about it again.


And Now We’re Online!


Thousands have successfully quit smoking with us. Utilizing the power of the internet or phone, we’ll work with you in the comfort of your own home to make sure that you get the same results you can get in our office.  No need to travel to us.  We’ll call you! 


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